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Our main focus and objective is to make your cemetery records and maps simple, functional, and as easy and as inexpensive as possible to maintain and to safely preserve and archive them.


We realize that your cemetery records are the hub of your business and without them, in whatever condition, you cannot function.  Your cemetery records are invaluable and irreplaceable. When you trust our company to update your cemetery records, we realize their importance and do our best to give you fast, dependable service.

We have been working with cemeteries and making it easier for the caretakers of those cemeteries to do their job since 1990. During those years, we have worked very hard at getting very good at what we do.  We have a very long list of satisfied customers who are very happy with us and who stand behind the services they have received.  

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Cemetery records are prone to mistakes.

Once a burial has been put in the wrong spot or any of the information has been entered incorrectly and the accuracy of the records has been compromised, the dysfunction tends to keep growing until it is extremely complicated to straighten out. In addition to the tendency of cemetery records to be chronically incorrect, they are often old, falling apart, a huge mess and generally in a terrible state of dysfunction.  

Over and over, we hear nightmare stories of the countless hours spent by caretakers who have to spin their wheels trying to figure things out by searching for answers on an oversized map or filtering through endless stacks of records to find the information they need to operate the cemetery. Often, the available information turns out to be incorrect. That too causes all kinds of trickle down problems. This scenario happens way too often for the caregivers and occurs each time there is a need to find information for a genealogy inquiry or to determine a burial location for a recent death or to figure out which graves are available for a pending sale.  

Whether or not the caretaker is a volunteer or a paid employee, wasting their valuable time and efforts is totally unnecessary. Cemetery Updating Services solves that problem.

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Once errors are made it just keeps getting worse

When we work on the records, we often find that the same last name has been spelled five different ways. We find birth and death dates recorded incorrectly. Burial site addresses might be recorded as being on Row 3 Grave 8 instead of on Row 8 Grave 3 where the burial was actually placed. Graves are often dug in the wrong spot and out of necessity, burials that follow after that have to be shifted to accommodate the error.  In addition, sometimes entries for the burial or for the sale of a site were never recorded. Unfortunately, this often results in the same site being sold a number of times. Down the road, this can result in lawsuits and emotionally packed confrontations when a death occurs and the pre-planned and paid for burial site is already inhabited by someone else who had also purchased the site often years after the first sale.

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Does this describe your records & maps?

Cemetery records that we have worked with are often difficult to read due to illegible, faded or sloppy handwriting. Records are sometimes in shoe boxes or in notebooks that are falling apart from age and over use or the records are on scores of 3” X 5” cards that fill an entire room with rows and rows of loaded card file cabinets. Sometimes, the only records that can be found are on the map. We have worked with cemetery maps that have been drawn on sheets of plywood or rolled up window blinds that had been taped together to a length that stretched across a large room and were so huge that they were totally dysfunctional. Maps have also been drawn on backs of calendars, paper bags, sheets of linen and on sections cut from a cardboard box. Some maps we have worked with were so old, tattered and worn that they were literally falling apart and not much more than crumbling shreds of paper. Working off of such maps onsite required the caretaker to somehow anchor and protect them from wind and rain as he looked for information.

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Let us make this easy for you

When we have completed Phases One, Two and Three, your cemetery records and maps will be as correct as possible and the information will literally be at your fingertips and so much easier to access whether you choose to use the book(s) or your computer.

Our format of 8 ½” X 11” maps and records totally eliminate all of these problems. In addition, each sheet of your records and maps will be encased in a weather resistant plastic sleeve and will be very easy to use onsite. When you choose to use our services, you can say goodbye to all of those problems and more.

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Give us a call and let's talk...

Give us a call and let's talk about your unique cemetery needs and what we can do for you. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of what our services will cost.

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Please spend the time and check out our services.

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